Community model of local entrepreneurship

Community model of local entrepreneursship includes eight topics. The model is designed by people who is working with youngsters in rural area and based by their experience. The target of the model is youthworkers, teachers, local authority officials, development centres and etc. Every topic describe four different aspects, like activities, partners, sources and challenges.

Personal development
Entrepreneurship depends on primarly internal factors. Some aspects can developed by practicing and through experience. Example adaptability, probleme solve skills, assertivenes, emotional stability, empathy, teamwork, consistancy, iniative.

Learning forms
In this topic we highlight different oppurtunities for learning. Nowadays, non-formal and informal education is same important as formal education. Several skills support sustainable and successful entrepreneurship.

Social support
Starting a business is affected by geographical, social, economical and cultural differences. It is important to involve youngsters with different disadvantages. Various support system is important aspect to influence youngsters future in entrepreneurship world.As already mentioned above all 3 partner organizations are from rural areas and consequently all of them face the problem that young people leave local communities and find opportunities somewhere else, mostly in urban areas. That’s why giving youth entrepreneurial skills is important for the partners.

One barrier is lack of different connections and links, what makes complicated to make cooperation and find suppliers, teamworkers, clients, and investors. Networking is consious and will grow over time. Network of different people and skills, helps to start and grow bigger and successful businesses.

Opened work with entrepreneurs
It is important to cooperate with experienced entrepreneur for learning purposes. Opened work with entrepreneurs helps youngsters to analyse why teamwork and different skills is essential in business.

Economical support
It is difficult to get finances from investors or banks, alternative is to ask several funds. It requires a good business plan and networks.

State and educational institutions support to enter business sector. It is important to young people that they have an impact to sociaty, because they are in a more unequal position than more experienced entrepreneurs.

Youngsters usually are more innovate, they adapt new information and environment much faster. But the challange is that there’s difficult to find good content and info overflow is tiring.