Rõuge Youthwork Centre

Kerli Kõiv

Rõuge Opened Youth Centre belongs to Rõuge Municipality Government. There are three youth centers which work under this system - Rõuge, Viitina and Nursi youth centres. Rõuge is the middle size municipality in the South-Estonia, not far from Latvian and Russian border far from main cities in Estonia. There are 4 youth workers who organize everyday youth work in this region. This region was one of the first ones who started with youth work and also international youth work in Estonia. Rõuge region is very open minded focusing their main activities to education, youth work, social work, green energy. Rõuge municipality and Rõuge youth center has different partners from Europe. They have realized several projects with partners over Europe. Rõuge Municipality has close contacts with local NGO and in partnership with different organizations has realized several local and international projects. Rõuge municipality was the first rural municipality who established local youth council in 2005. Other organizations and municipalities are used to ask for advise about youth work from Rõuge.

Soro Tori

Maria Consilia Antonelli

The Soro Tori Onlus Association founded in 2006, with headquarters in Villa San Sebastiano Nuova, part of Tagliacozzo (AQ), is accredited to the European Community for the European Voluntary Service (EVS) accreditation 2016-1- IT03-KA110- 009409. The Association has several projects funded by the European Community (Training course, youth exchanges, study visits, Grundtvig, Erasmus +) and partnerships with organizations in other European countries, with which it collaborates on projects in favor of young people. In 2012 the Association took part in a community project (1.3 "Youth Initiative") with Croatia and Hungary which received the mention of the Croatian National Agency (coordinating country) as an example of good practice. Naturally, the territory of residence is the privileged place for initiatives that can divulge community opportunities in favor of young people and citizens; in fact, already in 2009 there was a conference with international guests, financed by a project of the Abruzzo Region, Youth Policy Sector, precisely to bring citizens and young people of Community programs that see the Association at the forefront. In addition to what already exists and described above, the Association intends to deepen its presence on the territory not only in the dissemination of Community Programs and in the management of projects related to them, but especially in the preparation and management of projects that promote integration, social inclusion, the promotion of culture and the prevention of child, adolescent and family distress, as a "mission" expressly indicated in the Statute.


Dlhá nad Oravou
Katarína Pilárová

NGO FLAP is non-profit regional organization situated in beautiful mountain region Orava in North of Slovakia. NGO Flap was founded in 2004. Our main aim is to respond to the needs of young people and community, by means of entrepreneurship, cultural, environment, leisure time activities and initiatives. We provide 3 clubs for young people in rural areas( village Dlhá nad Oravou, Krivá and Nižná). We provide education and many leisure time activities for children, youth and adult in age between 3- 30.We have many experiences in the management of children ́s and youth non- formal educational programs, international exchanges,environment protection and open air programs (street education), education of volunteers, social exclusion, cultural events, counselling, education and support of young entrepreneurs etc. Our work is oriented on areas of culture- literary festivals, youth information, dance performances, languages, theatre, sport, environment, crafts, summer camps for children, informal education etc. Our activities are organised through free courses, interest groups, informal groups meetings, bigger social activities as for example "Santa Claus Day ", fashion show etc. We cooperate with many different Grammar schools, Vocational schools, youth information centre, and other social partners. Since 2005 we have been running 23 international projects under the program Youth, Youth in Action, Erasmus+, Norwegian funds etc. In 2009 we were organizing very successful international training MakeItFree. Since 2012 we are strongly focused in supporting many different activities for young entrepreneurs in rural areas in Slovakia.