The Estonian Nature

We are from Italy, as you already know, but exactly we come from Rome that is a really big city.

Rome, even if is beautiful, doesn’t give us the possibility to spend our time into the nature.

Here in Estonia we discovered how lucky are the people who can live in this wonderful nature.

When we arrived we found out that everything was white because of the snow, and it was amazing for us.

On our first month we played with the snow, walked into the the forest with the puppies, took part in the winter games.

At the beginning the lakes were frozen, but over the time they started to melt, and it was awesome.

Then the spring came, and everything changed, right now all is green and full of flowers, we can swim in the lakes and the night arrive so late, we think because the sun wants to enjoy this beauty.

We are learning that the nature is a perfect place to play with children, sometime the nature helped us to find some beautiful idea in our workshops.